Sunday, July 20, 2014

Katherine: Narrative 19

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I follow Tilk; I would rather be with him than everyone else in case they all somehow manage to let me get kidnapped again while standing next to a hole.  Using this massive blade, he breaks through the city’s foundation with ease allowing us all an easy entrance into the city.  Thalia produces a duplicate of herself to send through the hole to investigate what lies inside the city without causing any injury to ourselves.  We scoot over as close as we can to the side of the passage to allow the duplicate to pass through and into the city.  As she pulls herself up and into the city, I strain to try and hear any bit of noise that could pass.  No gun fire, no shouts, she seems to be alright up there.
“All clear,” Thalia whispers.
Her clothing has changed into that familiar white garb that people wore in the last city; Eva is wearing the same thing.  Tilk must have noticed their change in clothes and looks down at his own tunic and the white outfit begins to materialize on him.  He touches my shirt and my clothes show as though they were the white outfit as well.  Tilk helps to give me a boost to exit the hole, I help from the top to bring everyone else out from our hole.  Tilk needs no help, maintaining his human appearance with his dragon wings boosting him out from the hole.  Looking around, the town seems fairly quiet with very few people or guards walking around the town at all. 
We can spot the familiar looking building in the center of town and we begin to make our way towards it.  The goal is simple, to release the dragons from captivity.  We totally got this.  There are no guards outside the building so we simply enter the doors.  No guards inside the building either, just an elevator looking at us from the opposite end of the room.  We cautiously make our way across the empty room towards the elevator; there’s no telling what traps could be laid out in wait for us.  We’ve gone through so many of these buildings now yet everyone still contains new traps or terrors to slow us down.

The four of us slide into the elevator with only the choice of moving up, or going down.  Upward we go, there’s no telling what we’ll find either way.    As soon as the door opens, we are looking into an entire room filled with computers.  A handful of white-clothed personnel are working on the computers in front of us.  I can’t see any dragons anywhere; I look over to Tilk for any reaction that maybe he knows where they might be found.    Seeing that he hasn’t relaxed his guard, there must be something going on somewhere.  We leave out from the elevator leaving us standing not but five feet from this guy working on a computer.  Eva or Thalia throw something at him, I’m not sure which but I know that it wasn’t I or Tilk and the guy turns around at us aiming a small pistol at us.  I feel the energy of the shot fly past my face as Tilk becomes frozen in his stance.


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