Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mektilk: Kindred

Posted by Unknown at 8:23 AM
I survived through the first moons alone, pushing south.  The further south I moved, the less of the familiar rituals I saw.  I continued moving until I had left the blots of my life behind me and surrounded by the practicers of Christianity.  While I didn't pretend to understand myself, I didn't boast my faith either.
The only thing worth boasting was my ability to hunt.  Not just my prey, but I had also been hired out on occasion to remove a vampire or two from the city's flock.
Grounding myself to the earth's of this place for so long, I began to sense when an unfamiliar would trespass.  I took it upon myself to fetch and present them to the prince, sometimes scrimmaging with those who resisted.
I'm rather comfortable with my role here, even if the rest of them look to me as the dog.  They know not to tussle with my bite.  I am The Scourge.


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