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Mektilk: Embrace

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Many of the tribesmen had left for sea to fish, the priest of the newly founded church had blessed their travels.  We didn't so much mind to the new religion as it gave us new stories to share and allowed us to continue in our same rituals and traditions.
I had spotted him on my nightly patrol. I could have mistaken him for a beast at first glance but this was proven wrong after I approached.  We stared at one another through the darkness.  He crouched and ready while I stood like a she-troll gripping my axe and knifr.
"Verlassen!" I had screamed as I threw my body forward.
I had hoped the noise and movement to startle the beast, but it took that moment for him to slip beneath the earth.  I had grounded my feet, searching for where the man cloaked in wolverine fur could be.  I remember feeling the earth shudder beneath me as I felt his nails pierce into my ankles as he pulled my feet above his head.  I did everything but quit.  I slashed, I growled, I spat, I had to conquer.
"Sterben leise du Schlampe," he had growled.
"Nie!" I screamed as I thrashed my weapons towards him
The crack of bone was followed by a thunderous roar.  As soon as he finished bellowing, I could feel such a pain that had me to drop my weapons.  The blood running up my leg from where he had bit into my ankle and didn't release.
"Ich bin noch nicht fertig," I murmured before returning him the favor.  I sank my teeth into the flesh of his leg, tearing through as much as possible.  As soon as I had tore off a decent-sized bloody chunk from him I felt a hand slap over my mouth, crushing me nearly into the ground as he dropped my legs.
"Schlucken Kind," his voice rumbled from his blood soaked mouth.  "Sie haben es sich verdient."
I was struggling just to breathe beneath the enormity of his palm.  I swallowed the chunk.  He threw his head back and laughed as I kicked into his stomach.  I brought my right arm flying but it didn't matter.  His free hand snatched mine and pinned it beneath the earth.  I didn't stop fighting when he bit into my shoulder.
I felt myself being taken from me.  I thrust my head towards his in a swift attempt to hit him.  He continued to cling to my neck as my chest filled with fire.  My left hand isn't as strong as the other so when I went to strike his neck, it simply fell against it.
I couldn't beat this beast.  He ended me.  And just as easily, he restored me.
I could taste his blood from his tongue rolling across mine as I was called back from the brink.  He pulled away and I moved to keep tasting him.  It wasn't enough.  That fire still burning in my chest.  I need anything to put it out.
He had gone and I was left struggling with my right hand still stuck beneath the earth.  I thirst for more of the taste he provided me as I fight to break free.  I shifted my hands into talons and tore up through the earth.
The fiery hunger had spread to my arms and legs.  I could feel the pounding of a heart shaking my being as I shambled towards its source.
I remember little after I saw the face of my once-husband.  The mix of hunger and the rage of what-could-have-been released the beast that I became that night.


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